21 August 2011

My Internship at AMD : Part 1

Finally, I have the time to write about my industrial training at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Sdn Bhd. I've started my internship on 16th May 2011 and finished on the 19th August 2011 for 14 weeks. During that time, I was the only person from Faculty of Chemical Engineering UiTM since one of my course mate will come in after 2 weeks. Met my supervisor, Mr. CS Lim an engineer specialize in Heller oven. A very understanding supervisor, kind and always encourage me to learn new stuff since what I've done here was not so related with my course but hey engineering have such a huge scope. Let me introduce to you guys what was like to have industrial training at AMD using the pictures. Enjoy!! (^_^)v

Me and Sean, both of us are under same SV
Me with my SV Mr CS Lim
The library: Place for trainees to hangout, use PC and keep their bags

Other trainees from UIA, UTP, USM and UTeM

 P/s: Other pictures will be uploaded later. To be continue in Part 2

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