30 July 2011

Captain America: The First Avengers

Wohoo..its been a while, now its Captain America: The First Avengers turns to be evaluated by me. The story started by showing someone had found a crashing flying object buried in the ice, later the story setting went back to World War II era where by Captain America (CA) tried an army selection to serve as soldier. However due to his physical and health issues, he is not recruited. 

After that, he met a Dr from army secret division and willing to let him enters the army. Cut the story short, CA has been chosen as a candidate for superhuman soldier serum. Then starts the battle between CA and Red Skull from Nazis' Hydra division. Off course the hero will always win.

Comparing this movie with other Marvel's superheroes, sorry to say that this movie was such a let down. After CA got his superpower, they showed quite a lots of CA campaigning rather than fighting Nazi. For me the actions are just so-so only. This movie reveals more about CA characteristic rather than his abilities to fight. I'll give 2.5 STARS out of 5. Even the movie is not that good, I'll still watch it because of the trailer at the end of the credits for The Avengers film 2012 comprising Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and maybe others Marvels' superheroes. So make sure to wait until the credits finish..!!!

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