17 July 2011

Bon Odori Penang 2011

Last year I've been to Shah Alam Bon Odori, since I'm at Penang this year, why not I go to the Bon Odori here. This is my first time experiencing Bon Odori in Penang. Here in Penang, it seems more like a bunkasai. They have a few Japanese traditional games such as haunted house, gold fish scooping and yoyo balloon. Through my observation, there's a lots of local participation in this event. Some of the northern region SBP schools, clubs and society participated in the dance. Now let me list out the good and bad things:

  • more cultural event such as games, food and performances.
  • Got lucky draw
  • Got fireworks (Hanabi yo !!!)
  • A lots of Japanese People
  • No RM1.00 livita (they have this in Shah Alam)
  • No free fan
  • Some people doesn't know when to cosplay or not (such an eyesore, its a traditional event not pop culture event)
  • Malaysian like to throw rubbish everywhere which was such a disgrace
  • Expensive food and most of them were local food.
  • Haunted House which was a total rip off of RM8.00 and not scary at all (the one in Animangaki was way much better)
  • Not many people follow the main stage dance like in Shah Alam

Despite all that, my friends and I enjoyed the Bon Odori festival. We've met up a few trainees from AMD. Good to see u guys there. The Hanabi was spectacular and it's sure bring the mood up for the event. Enjoy the video and photos below.

More pictures at http://www.facebook.com/VisitPenang

Rasa Sayang Dance


Anonymous said...

well sorry for not being scary at all in the haunted house... it was done by students..

Kaizer_X said...

Yes, i know you guys are students from SGGS. But with rm8 per entry u guys could do better than that. You guys should have more budget on decorating to make it scarier..even using a torch light effect could make it scarier.. this is just my opinion. no offence

Anonymous said...

Just a random reader, well for the school students who did the haunted house, try taking the constructive criticism positively and don't go we're just students as a reason. Take that as a challenge. That will help you improve the next year :)

Its nice to read about Penang's Bon Odori kaichou :D