30 June 2011

Transformers 3: Dark of The Moon


Transformers 3 (T3) is the most anticipated movie of this summer other than the last installment of Harry Potter. It started with a storytelling voice of Optimus Prime rambling about how the last Autobots technology that could made them win the battle being shot down on the moon. American and the USSR are aware of this incident and both of them tried to send the first man to the moon with a secret mission to collect the sample of alien tech or lifeforms.

I'm not gonna tell up the rest of the plots as it would cause me a lot of time (the movie is a freaking 2 hours 32 minutes long). Micheal Bay seems to take it for granted as he repeated the same mistake that he did in Transformers 2 which is the sucks storyline. I bet he could hire more incredible script writers as he gained lots of money from previous movies, but what's done is done. I would be more proper for me to list out the likes and dislikes for T3 and cinema hall.

  • Impressive CGI effect
  • bought the ticket at RM7.00 only
  • comfortable seats at TGV 1st Avenue
  • The actress in T3 (couldn't remember her name)
  • Illogical plots ( I know this is a sci-fi but how can hundreds of Decepticons just vanish during the battle? How a former agent give command to special force? Shouldn't it be the US President? and others)
  • No heart pumping, adrenaline rushing feeling like when I watched the trailer (don't know what when wrong)
  • There's a lots of different robots in the animation but they only managed to bring few of them ( I'm a fan since I was a kid)
  • Where are the other Autobots who didn't die during T2 go?
There are sure a lots of ranting from me. Since people only going to watch T3 because of the robots and not because of the plots, therefore i will give 4.5 out of 5 due to amazing CGI.

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