29 August 2011

Salam Aidilfitri 2011

Ramadhan 1432H telah meninggalkan kita. Maka esok adalah diisytiharkan Hari Raya Aidilfitri 1432H/2011. Dengan ini saya ingin mengambil kesempatan untuk mengucapkan "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri" o(^o^)o buat semua orang muslim terutamanya mereka yang mengenali diri ini. Rakan-rakan di SKSN, SMS Tun Syed Sheh Shahabudin (SOKSEK), UiTM Penang, UiTM Kuala Pilah, UiTM Shah Alam, AMD Penang  serta Japanese Language Society UiTM ingin saya memohon kemaafan m(._.)m dari anda semua jika diri ini pernah melakukan kesilapan samada disedari atau tidak. Do forgive me for all the mistakes I've done. Semoga lebaran kali ini lebih bermakna buat kita semua. Hope we can see each other during raya or others open houses.

p/s: Hoping to get more duit raya this year for my trip to Japan d(-_^)

21 August 2011

My Internship at AMD : Part 1

Finally, I have the time to write about my industrial training at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Sdn Bhd. I've started my internship on 16th May 2011 and finished on the 19th August 2011 for 14 weeks. During that time, I was the only person from Faculty of Chemical Engineering UiTM since one of my course mate will come in after 2 weeks. Met my supervisor, Mr. CS Lim an engineer specialize in Heller oven. A very understanding supervisor, kind and always encourage me to learn new stuff since what I've done here was not so related with my course but hey engineering have such a huge scope. Let me introduce to you guys what was like to have industrial training at AMD using the pictures. Enjoy!! (^_^)v

Me and Sean, both of us are under same SV
Me with my SV Mr CS Lim
The library: Place for trainees to hangout, use PC and keep their bags

Other trainees from UIA, UTP, USM and UTeM

 P/s: Other pictures will be uploaded later. To be continue in Part 2

30 July 2011

Captain America: The First Avengers

Wohoo..its been a while, now its Captain America: The First Avengers turns to be evaluated by me. The story started by showing someone had found a crashing flying object buried in the ice, later the story setting went back to World War II era where by Captain America (CA) tried an army selection to serve as soldier. However due to his physical and health issues, he is not recruited. 

After that, he met a Dr from army secret division and willing to let him enters the army. Cut the story short, CA has been chosen as a candidate for superhuman soldier serum. Then starts the battle between CA and Red Skull from Nazis' Hydra division. Off course the hero will always win.

Comparing this movie with other Marvel's superheroes, sorry to say that this movie was such a let down. After CA got his superpower, they showed quite a lots of CA campaigning rather than fighting Nazi. For me the actions are just so-so only. This movie reveals more about CA characteristic rather than his abilities to fight. I'll give 2.5 STARS out of 5. Even the movie is not that good, I'll still watch it because of the trailer at the end of the credits for The Avengers film 2012 comprising Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and maybe others Marvels' superheroes. So make sure to wait until the credits finish..!!!

17 July 2011

Bon Odori Penang 2011

Last year I've been to Shah Alam Bon Odori, since I'm at Penang this year, why not I go to the Bon Odori here. This is my first time experiencing Bon Odori in Penang. Here in Penang, it seems more like a bunkasai. They have a few Japanese traditional games such as haunted house, gold fish scooping and yoyo balloon. Through my observation, there's a lots of local participation in this event. Some of the northern region SBP schools, clubs and society participated in the dance. Now let me list out the good and bad things:

  • more cultural event such as games, food and performances.
  • Got lucky draw
  • Got fireworks (Hanabi yo !!!)
  • A lots of Japanese People
  • No RM1.00 livita (they have this in Shah Alam)
  • No free fan
  • Some people doesn't know when to cosplay or not (such an eyesore, its a traditional event not pop culture event)
  • Malaysian like to throw rubbish everywhere which was such a disgrace
  • Expensive food and most of them were local food.
  • Haunted House which was a total rip off of RM8.00 and not scary at all (the one in Animangaki was way much better)
  • Not many people follow the main stage dance like in Shah Alam

Despite all that, my friends and I enjoyed the Bon Odori festival. We've met up a few trainees from AMD. Good to see u guys there. The Hanabi was spectacular and it's sure bring the mood up for the event. Enjoy the video and photos below.

More pictures at http://www.facebook.com/VisitPenang

Rasa Sayang Dance

30 June 2011

Transformers 3: Dark of The Moon


Transformers 3 (T3) is the most anticipated movie of this summer other than the last installment of Harry Potter. It started with a storytelling voice of Optimus Prime rambling about how the last Autobots technology that could made them win the battle being shot down on the moon. American and the USSR are aware of this incident and both of them tried to send the first man to the moon with a secret mission to collect the sample of alien tech or lifeforms.

I'm not gonna tell up the rest of the plots as it would cause me a lot of time (the movie is a freaking 2 hours 32 minutes long). Micheal Bay seems to take it for granted as he repeated the same mistake that he did in Transformers 2 which is the sucks storyline. I bet he could hire more incredible script writers as he gained lots of money from previous movies, but what's done is done. I would be more proper for me to list out the likes and dislikes for T3 and cinema hall.

  • Impressive CGI effect
  • bought the ticket at RM7.00 only
  • comfortable seats at TGV 1st Avenue
  • The actress in T3 (couldn't remember her name)
  • Illogical plots ( I know this is a sci-fi but how can hundreds of Decepticons just vanish during the battle? How a former agent give command to special force? Shouldn't it be the US President? and others)
  • No heart pumping, adrenaline rushing feeling like when I watched the trailer (don't know what when wrong)
  • There's a lots of different robots in the animation but they only managed to bring few of them ( I'm a fan since I was a kid)
  • Where are the other Autobots who didn't die during T2 go?
There are sure a lots of ranting from me. Since people only going to watch T3 because of the robots and not because of the plots, therefore i will give 4.5 out of 5 due to amazing CGI.

19 June 2011

Green Lantern

Since its summer, lots of Hollywood blockbuster movies lining up to be release in the cinema (there's go my allowances). This is going to be my second movie review this year.


Green Lantern is another movie adaptation based on a superhero comic from DC Comics (Superman, Batman & etc). The movie starts of with an introduction of Green Lantern Corps and how Abin Sur managed to imprisoned Parallax at a planet without life form. Unfortunately, three aliens were stranded in that planet causing the Parallax to be released. Rest of the plots can be read here.

Although Batman did a really great job in Dark Knight, this movie failed to impress me just like other DC Comics adaption especially Superman. If you're looking for action pack movie, please forget it. Not much action you can get from this movie. The villains were easily been defeated, no adrenaline pumping scene and the story sucks. All I can say is the CG effect save this movie from rotten tomatoes. I'm giving 2.5 from 5 STARS. My advice for those who haven't watch it yet, save up your money for Transformers 3 and Harry Potter. I bet those movies are worth more to watch.

P/s: I've been fooled by this trailer.

11 June 2011

Super 8 (Movie)

It's been a while since the last time I did a movie review. Just watched Super 8 with my friends today. It was definitely worth every penny u spend.


The story revolves around a group of teenagers that wants to shoot a short film for a film festival competition. During the filming at a train station, they've involved in a tragedy where a train from US Airforce derailed and an alien escape from the accident. The rest of the synopsis can be read at wikipedia.

What am I going to review about is the way the director create a humor atmosphere during serious moments especially about the boy who love explosive and fire. This was totally brilliant to loosen up the audiences emotion during an intense or should I say life threatening scene in the movie. There was even a foreigner inside the cinema who's been laughing out loud.

The next best thing was how the director blend in together the emotion of sadness, happiness, love, cruelty, anger, humor and other emotions inside this movie. The emotion from losing your love one until rescuing the one you love was definitely awesome. Those kids in the movie really did a great job acting in it.

One advice for those who haven't see it, if you want to watch the movie make sure to stay until the credits end. There will be the short film of zombie that the kids filmed. I'm giving 4.5 STARS out of 5.


15 January 2011

Japanese Cultural Festival

Wassup..!!! Minggu depan bersamaan 22 Januari 2011, Japanese Language Society UiTM akan menganjurkan "Japanese Cultural Festival " atau dlm bahasa jepunnya "Bunkasai". Semua adalah dijemput hadir.

For more info click HERE